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Antimachos 171-160 BC
Drachm, Bactrian Kingdom
Antimachos I was one of the Greco-Bactrian kings from 185 to 170 BC. He was as a son of Euthydemus and brother of Demetrius making him a member of the Euthydemid dynasty with some relation to Diodotid dynasty. Antimachos I was either defeated during his resistance to the usurper Eucratides and territories absorbed by the latter. On some of his coins Antimachos called himself Theos, "The God", a first in the Hellenistic world. Obverse Kharoshthi script Antimachos in military dress charging on horseback holding transverse spear. Reverse advancing Nike with vertical palm in one hand and a downward wreath in other BAΣIΛEΩΣ NIKHΦOPOY ANTIMAXOY.
Mint: Taxila
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