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Lucania, Metapontion c 300-250 BC
Bronze 17mm
Metapontion (Μεταπόντιον), was an important city of Magna Graecia founded by an Achaean colony. It is situated on the gulf of Tarentum, between the river Bradanus and the Casuentus (modern Basiento). It was originally called Metabus, from a hero of that name, who was the husband of Melanippe and father of Aeolus (the ruler of the winds) and Boeotus (Boeotians). They supported Hannibal during the second Punic war. After Hannibal lost at battle of the Metaurus he withdrew his forces from Metapontum and the city fell under Roman influence. Obverse spread winged standing eagle and a wreath left, META. Reverse ear of barley and a large thunderbolt.
Mint: Metapontion
Provenance: Private acquisition

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