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Zoilos II. c 50 - 40/35 BC.
Drachm, bilingual issue.
Zoilos II Soter was an Indo-Greek king who ruled from 55–35 BCE. He succeeded the Indo-Greek king Apollodotus II the Great in the eastern parts of his former kingdom. The reverse is Athena Alkidemos throwing a thunderbolt the (emblem of the Antigonid kings of Macedon). This emblem was used by many of Menander I’s successors after he first introduced it on the bilingual coinage. Obverse diademed and draped Zoilos II with Greek legend ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ around and ZΩΙΛΟΥ below. Reverse advancing Athena Alkidemos with monograms on either side of her.
Mint: Jammu
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