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Menander I Soter, 165 or 150 BC - 135
Bilingual drachm heroic bust type
Menander I was an Indo Greek Kingdom ruler. His Kingdome in present-day Pakistan from either 165 or 155 to 130 BC His capital is supposed to have been Sagala (believed to be modern Sialkot Pakistan). His reign was long and successful with his coins distributed commercially as far as Britain. Menander's last years were involved with civil war against Zoilos I. Menander died in camp while on campaign and was likely succeeded by Queen Agathokleia who acted as regent to their infant son Strato I. Menander was the first Indo-Greek ruler to introduce the representation of Athena Alkidemos ("Athena, saviour of the people") on his coins. This is the reason Menaders was also given given the epithet Soter, "The Saviour”. Observe helmeted and diademed Menander, legend in Greek ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ ΜΕΝΑΝΔΡΟΥ. Reverse Athena Alkidemos holding shield and thunderbolt monogram to the right legend in Kharosthi MAHARAJA TRATASA MENADRASA both translating "Savior King Menander"
Mint: Sagala (modern Sialkot Pakistan)
Provenance: Private acquisition*

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