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Antiochos VIII Epiphanes/Grypos, 121-96 BC
Antiochos VIII/Epiphanes Grypos was crowned as a teenager in 125 BC after his mother Cleopatra Thea had killed his elder brother Seleukos V Philometor. Cleopatra either feared Seleukos V would claim the throne without her approval or would avenge for her role in the assassination of Demetrios II Nikator, who fathered Seleukos V when he was married to Cleopatra . After Antiochos’ victory over the usurper Alexander II Zabinas in 123 BC Cleopatra tried to poison him with wine, but the distrustful Antiochos forced her to drink the cup herself. Antiochos VIII was a popular king and married the Ptolemaic princess Tryphaena. In 116 BC his half-brother and cousin Antiochos IX Kyzicenos returned from exile prompting a civil war. Antiochos IX Kyzicenos was married to another Cleopatra, the sister of Tryphaena. Tryphaena ordered her sister Cleopatra’s death and Kyzicenus killed Tryphaena as revenge The two brothers then divided Syria between them until Antiochos VIII Grypus was killed by his minister Heracleon in 96 BC. Obverse diademed Antiochos VIII. Reverse toga-wearing Zeus holding a star while resting on a scepter ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ.
Mint: Ake (modern Acre Israel)
Provenance: Courtesy Gemini Numismatic Auctions, LLC

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