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Bruttium, Locri Epizephyrii c. 317-310 BC
Colonies of Corinthian silver
Locris Epizephyrii (Επιζεφύριοι Λοκροί epi-Zephyros translated to under the “West Wind”) was founded about 680 BC on the shore near modern Capo Zefirio, by the Locrians. They were apparently from the city of Opus (Opuntii or East Locrians). Strabo suggests that it was the Ozolae (West Locrians) were the main founders. There is speculation Lacedaemonians may have been involved. Due to high Zephyrian winds the settlement moved to the present site. Early on Locris was allied with Sparta but later with Syracuse. It founded two colonies of its own, Hipponion and Medma. During the Pyrrhic Wars (280-275 BC) Locris sided with Rome against the Epirote King Pyrrhus. Pyrrhus plundered the temple of Persephone at Locris before his return to Epirus.The city was abandoned in the fifth century AD and was destroyed by the Saracens in 915. Obverse flying Pegasus with a thunderbolt below. Reverse Athena ιn α Corinthian helmet ΛΟΚΡΩΝ.
Mint: Locri Epizephyrii
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