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Mithradates II 123-88 BC
Mithridates II the Great was king of Parthian Empire from 123 to 88 BC. He adopted the title Epiphanes, "god manifest" and his proper name invokes the protection of Mithra. Parthia reached its greatest extent during his reign. He saved the kingdom from the Saka tribes. He defeated King Artavasdes I of Armenia making the Armenian heir prince Tigranes a political hostage. In 123 BC and 115 BC he received Chinese ambassadors sent by the Han emperor Wu Di to reopen the Silk Road. He became involved in the wars of the dynasts of Syria and was the first Parthian king who entered into negotiations with Rome, then represented by Lucius Cornelius Sulla, praetor of Cilicia in 92 BC. He introduced numismatic reforms and his later coins show him bearded, wearing the high domed Parthian crown applied with a star.
Mint: Ekbatana (modern Hamedan, Iran)
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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