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Demetrios I Poliorcetes. 306-283 BC c 294-293 BC
AR Tetradrachm Kings of Macedon
Macedon was embroiled in the third War of the Diadohoi. At the age of twenty-two Demetrios had to defend Syria against Ptolemy after Antigonus I Monophthalmos died in the Battle of Ipsus. Demitrios was totally defeated in Battle of Gaza (312 BC). All eastern satrapies eventually came to became Seleucus.After several campaigns against Ptolemy on the coasts of Cilicia and Cyprus, Demetrius sailed with a fleet of 250 ships to liberate Athens from the power of Cassander and Ptolemy. After these victories the Athenians proclaimed him "Preserver" (Σωτήρ = Soter). The title Poliorcetes (Πολιορκητής = "The Besieger”) was given him after he created siege engine against Rhodes.In the battle of Cypriot Salamis (306 BC) against Ptolemy he completely destroyed Egypt’s e naval power. Disfavors and his immoral behavior caused rifts between his allies and his army. When hostilities broke out in Syria Demetrios was abandoned by his troops and had to surrender to Seleucus. Demetrius died after a confinement of three years (283 BC). Demetrios’ remains were given to Antigonus Gonatas who had a funeral at Corinth. Obverse Nike on the prow of galley blowing her trumpet and holding stylis in her left hand Reverse advancing Poseidon, naked but for chlamys draped over his left arm, left, brandishing trident in his right hand; tripod to left; to right, I above ME monogram BA ΣIΛE ΩΣ ΔHMHTΡIOΥ
Mint: Amphipolis
Provenance: Private acquisition

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