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Arkadia, Kleitor c 479-470 BC
Hemidrachm, Kleitor was the first Arkadian city to mint coins
Kleitor is an ancient city state in the northwest of Arkadia. According to regional mythology it was founded by Kleitor, the son of Azanos, founder of the Azans, a Arkadian tribe. It was the home of the poet Ananios who was born in Kleitor around 399 BC. The fortification wall is estimated at 3 kilometers! Close to the northwest gate two phases of Hellenistic period structures have been identified. Kleitor’s copper mines made it one of the richest and most powerful cities of Arkadia. By virtue of this resource Kleitor became the first Arkadian city to mint coins. Obverse seated Zeus is holding an eagle. Reverse Kallisto is wearing a taenia necklace
Mint: Kleitor
Provenance: Private acquisition, Ex Harlan J. Berk LTD B/B 181 L269

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