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Kings of Baktria, Eukratides I Megas (171-135)
Tetradrachm Attic standard c. 171-155 BC
Eukratides I Megas (reigned c. 171–145 BCE) was an important Greco-Bactrian king and descendant of dignitaries of Alexander the Great. He uprooted the Euthydemid dynasty of Greco-Bactrian kings and establishing his own successor lineage. He may have been a cousin of the Seleucid king Antiochus IV Epiphanes who was trying to regain the Bactrian territory. Having become master of Bactria, Eukratides also conquered the western parts of the Indo-Greek kingdom defeating Demetrius of India. The murder of Eukratides probably brought about a civil war amongst the members of the dynasty and was likely plotted by his son Heliocles I. Obverse helmeted Eukratides. Reverse the dioskuroi with palms and spears on horseback with a monogram beneath one rider on the right BAΣIΛEΩΣ MEΓAΛOY EYKPATIΔOY.
Mint: Baktria
Provenance: Private acquisition

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