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Ptolemy III Euergetes 246–222 BC c. 230-221 BC
Bronze Æ 36 (Hemidrachm)
Ptolemy III Euergetes (Πτολεμαῖος Εὐεργέτης) was the third Ptolemaic Dynast reigning between 24 and 222 BC. He was the eldest son of Ptolemy II Philadelphos and his first wife Arsinoe I. He married Berenice of Cyrene and was known as “Euergetes” (benefactor) by the Egyptian Priesthood for his liberal support of the traditional Egyptian religious traditions coupled by being a good administrator. Ptolemy III Euergetes published as bilingual inscriptions decrees on massive stone blocks in three writing systems, a recording method never before performed with three dialects. It was with this writing system his grandson Ptolemy Epiphanes erected the Rosetta Stone. Obverse diademed Zeus-Ammon/ Reverse an eagle with folded wings folded, standing before a cornucopia on a thunderbolt with the monogram Chi-Rho between its legs BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠTOΛEMAIOY around.
Mint: Alexandria
Provenance: Private acquisition

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