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Korinth, 386 BC - 307 BC
Silver drachm
Korinth was occupied from before 3000 BC. By the 8th century BC korinth began to develop as a commercial center. Between the 8th and 7th centuries, the Bacchiad family ruled Korinth. Kypselus overthrew the Bacchiads family, and between 657 and 550 BC, he and his son Periander ruled Korinth as the Tyrants. Around 550 BC, an oligarchical government seized power which allied with Sparta and the Peloponnesian League. Korinth allied with Sparta in the Persian Wars and Peloponnesian War. After Sparta's victory in the Peloponnesian war, the two allies fell out with one another, and Korinth pursued an independent policy in the various wars of the early 4th century BC. Obverse flying Pegasos “koppa” below. Reverse Aphrodite or nymph Peirene
Mint: Korinth
Provenance: Private acquisition in 1993

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