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Olynthus Tetrobol c 400-380 BC
Chalcidian League.
Olynthus (Όλυνθος is a fig which ripens too early) was an ancient city of Chalkidiki in a fertile plain at the head of the Gulf of Torone. Starting as a Neolithic settlement it was abandoned during the Bronze Age. In the 7th century BC it was resettled and in 423 Olynthus became the head of the Chalkidian League. After the Peloponnesian War the development of the league was rapid and grew to 32 cities. When the Social War broke out between Athens and its allies (357), Olynthus eventually created an alliance with Athens. Philip, by force and by the treachery, besieged Olynthus in 348 looted and razed the city and sold its population into slavery. Obverse laureate head of Apollo. Reverse lyre ΧΑΛ/ΚΙΔ/ΕΩΝ
Mint: Olynthos
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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