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Vologases III, 105-147 AD
Silver drachm
Vologases III reigned over the eastern portion of the Parthian kingdom from 105 to 147. Vologases III was involved with civil wars against Osroes I (105–129) and Mithridates IV (129–140). The later were reoccupied by conflicts with the invasion bythe Roman Emperor Trajan (98–117), they were unable to effectively challenge Vologases III. After Vologases III's death, the Parthian realm was finally reunited by Vologases IV of Parthia (147–191), the son of his rival Mithridates IV. Obverse Vologases III with a long beard and diadem. Reverese an archer is seated on throne with a monogram below with inscribed reverse.
Mint: Ekbatana
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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