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Julius Caesar c January - February 44 BC
First of the 12 Caesars, denarius, moneyer Lucius Aemilius Buca
Julius Caesar had established himself dictator over Rome. Under immense pressure the Roman Senate would decree a revolutionary numismatic (and historic) event by permitting the likeness of a living individual on the currency of the Roman Republic. In the closing months of Caesar’s life silver denarii were issued by the Moneyers of Rome. Lucius Aemilius Buca was likely a distant relative of Sulla. He was the only of the four moneyors of 44BC not to issue coins after Caesar’s death. The obverse proclaims Caesar Pontifex Maximus (P-M), a title he held since 63 BC, while the crescent suggests a “belief in the imminence of a new age”. Obverse wreathed head of Caesar, A large crescent dividing P – M. CAESAR IM. Reverse standing Venus with head bowed, left breast bare holding Victory and scepter, L AEMILIVS BVCA.
Mint: Rome
Provenance: Private acquisition

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