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Augustus, Koinon of Cyprus 27 BC-AD 14.
Second of the 12 Caesars, bronze quadrans.
With Antony and Cleopatra eliminated Octavian/Augustus returned authority to the Roman Senate and relinquished his control of the Roman provinces and their armies in 27 BC. When the dysfunctional senate failed to finance the building and maintenance of networks of roads in Italy Augstus used his vast resources to take over direct responsibility of building roads in 20 BC. The Senate then proposed that Augustus assume command of the provinces and ratified an extra-constitutional power for ten years. Augustus feigned reluctance to accept this task leaving the impression Rome was a functional constitutional Roman Republic when indeed he was consolodating his absoliute imperial authority. One of provinces given to him was Cyprus. Obverse is a Capricorn with a star above. Reverse is a scorpion.
Mint: Cyprus
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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