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Salonina, wife of Gallienus
Antoninianus during Gallienus reign c 253-268
Julia Cornelia Salonina's origin is unknown but she married to Gallienus about ten years before he became emperor. When her husband became joint-emperor with his father Valerian in 253 Salonina was named Augusta. She was murdered along with Gallienus, during the siege of Mediolanum in 268. She was the mother of three princes, Valerian II, Saloninus and Marinianus. Obverse bust of Salonina SALONINA AVG. Reverse Roma is seated above a shield while holding out Victory in her right hand and a vertical spear pointing up in the other juxtaposed before her togate, laureate emperor extending his hand below Roma's Victory, as though just having handed it to her. A star between them, ROMAE AETERNAE. Courtesy Harlan J. Berk, LTD.
Mint: Samasota (submerged under the man made Ataturk reservoir adjacent to Samsat)
Provenance: Courtesy Harlan J Berk, LTD

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