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Trajan; 98-117 AD,
Second of Good Emperors Sestertius c.114-117. The fall of Singara c.114-117 AD
Born Marcus Ulpius Traianus in the Hispania Baetica (Spain) Trajan rose to prominence during the reign of emperor Domitian, serving as a general in the Roman army along the German frontier and successfully crushing the revolt of Antonius Saturninus in 89 eventually becoming successor to Nerva. As emperor. Here the army saluting Trajan "imperator" for the ninth time; Trajan sits on a platform, extending his hand and attended by two standing officers, while a lictor is shouldering fasces and stands before a platform. The army is represented by various groups of troops. 1. Three helmeted soldiers standing all holding shields. The first two soldiers are are raising their arms to commend Trajan and the third is holding a horse by the bridle. and 2. The heads and standards of two unhelmeted standard-bearers visible in a second row above the heads of the soldiers and the horse in the front row. After major victories, the army saluted the emperor "imperator" ("commander"), entitling him to celebrate a triumph in Rome if the Senate decreed one. This sestertius of Trajan, a similar sestertius with IMPERATOR VIII, and a similar aureus with IMPERATOR VII, are the only Roman coins to depict such a salutation. These three acclamations commemorated the first three victories of Trajan's Parthian war, IMP VII being accorded for his conquest of Armenia in 114, IMP VIII and VIIII for the first two victories of his second campaign in 115. Trajan’s eighth imperatorial acclamation by his army commemorates the capture of the strongly fortified Mesopotamian city of Singara (115 A.D.) during his eastern frontier campaigns. While the precise location of Singara is not known it is likely in the mountainous modern-day Iraq district of Sinjar south-east of Nisibis. Obverse laureate Trajan IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO GER DAC P M TR P COS VI P P. Reverse Trajan seated on platform, accompanied by two officers, addressing soldiers with three standards in the background IMPERATOR VIII S C
Mint: Rome
Provenance: Private acquisition

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