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Augustus 27 BC-14 AD, c 12 BC
Second of the 12 Caesars. Denarius. Augustus mourning Agrippa’s death.
In 1923 Mattingly was of the opinion that the portrait of this coin must certainly represent a youthful Augustus rather than Caius Caesar. It seem likely the engraver wasn’t working in a regular mint where mint approved bust models existed and drew a generic profile. In order to establish identity beyond any doubt a “corona civica” oak wreath was added. The reverse depicts a religious funerary theme and likely refers to the death of Agrippa in Pannonia in 12 BC. There is no reason for such a special type to have been issued in Rome or Lugdunum. Prideaux further suggests proposes this was an emergency issue in Pannonia to pay the salaries of the now leaderless Pannonian legion instead of chasing to have them become aggravated with having to wait for wages issued at an official imperial mint. Obverse CA ES AR youthful portrait of Augustus within an oak wreath. Reverse AVG VST. Candelabrum decorated with two ram heads, within wreath of flowers. The wreath is adorned with two bucrania and three pateras.
Mint: Mint: Pannonia (a region close to the Danube in the area of modern Dunaújváros in Hungary
Provenance: Private acquisition*

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