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Ptolemaic Kingdom; Ptolemy I, 306-283 BC
Gold Stater
The Greek city that existed within the modern day boundaries of Benghazi was founded around 525 BC. It was called Euesperides and was one of five important cities in Cyrenaica known as the Pentapolis — the other four were the chief city Cyrene, its port Apollonia, Taucheira, and Barca. Euesperides was probably founded by people from Cyrene or Barca on the edge of a lagoon which opened from the sea. At the time, the lagoon may have been deep enough to receive small sailing vessels. The name Euesperides was attributed to the fertility of the area, and gave rise to mythological associations with the garden of Hesperides. Cyrenaica was a supporter of Alexander the Great and subsequently became part of the Ptolemaic Kingdom. Obverse diademed Ptolemy I wearing aegis. Reverse shows Alexander the Great, holding a thunderbolt in his right hand, standing in a quadriga of elephants walking to the left. Three monograms are in the exergue. ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ.
Mint: Euesperides
Provenance: Courtesy Gemini Numismatic Auctions, LLC

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