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Philip II of Macedon 359-336 BC
AU Stater c. 340-328 or c. 336-328 BC
Philip II of Macedon was a king of Macedon from 359 BC until his assassination in 336 BC. Philip II was the father of Alexander the Great and Philip III Arrhidaeus. As the youngest son of king Amyntas III and Eurydice I Philip II was placed as a guest hostage in Thebes c. 368–365 BC. While captive Philip received a military and diplomatic education from Epaminondas. Returning to Macedon in 364 BC and after the deaths of his eldest brothers King Alexander II and Perdiccas III he was appointed regent for his infant nephew Amyntas IV, the son of Perdiccas III. Philip managed to take the kingdom for himself in 359 BC. Philip's military skills and expansionist vision of Macedonian greatness brought him great success. In 355 Philip married his fourth wife, princess Olympias, the daughter of the king of the Epirote Molossians. It is with her Alexander III was born in 356. In 336 BC, when the invasion of Persia was in its very early stage, Philip was assassinated, and was succeeded on the throne of Macedon by his son Alexander III. It is probable that Philip was regarded as a hero or deified on his death. The heroon at Aegae (modern Vergina) is thought to have been dedicated to the worship of the family of Alexander the Great and may have housed the cult statue of Philip. A golden larnax and wreath attributed to Phillip_II is found in museum in Vergina (depicted in description). Obverse Apollo. Reverse galloping biga with a kantharos below the horses
Mint: Pella
Provenance: Courtesy AD collection

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