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Juba I of Numidia 85 BC – 46 BC
Denarius c 60-46 BC
Juba I was the son of Hempsal II. After Hiempsal was ovethrown in 81 BC Sulla sent Pompey was sent to Africa to reinstate Hiempsal as king in Numidia. An alliance developed between Pompey and the Numidians. This Pompey alliance was enhanced after Juba was publicly insulted by Julius Caesar during a visit to Rome not mention when the tribune Gaius Scribonius Curio openly proposed Numidia should be sold privately and Juba’s wife become became Caesar's mistress. Caesar sent Curio to take Africa that was controlled on behalf of the Rupublicans by Govenor Publius Attius Varus. Curio routed Varus at the Battle of the Bagradas River (49 BC). Overconfident Curio miscalculated Juba’s abilities and was annihilated by Juba's military commander Saburra. King Juba took several senators captive back to Numidia for display and execution. Casear devises a plan to invade Africa forcing Juba to return to Numidia when Caesar's allies Bocchus II and Publius Sittius landed in the west. Meanwhile Juba’s Roman ally Publius Cornelius Scipio Salvito realized he could not confront Caser in the East without reinforcements. Leaving Sabura to defend Numidia Juba joined Scipio with 3 legions, around 15,000 light infantry, 1,000 cavalry and 30 elephants. The forces met for the Battle of Thapsus. Seeing that Caesar was to be victorious Juba fled with his forces accompanied by the Roman general Petreius. Realizing that their retreat lines had been cut of Petreius and Juba committed suicide. Obverse diademed Juba I with a scepter over his shoulder REX IVbA. Reverse octastyle temple YWB'Y HMMLKT
Mint: Utica
Provenance: Private acquisition

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