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L. Scribonius Libo c 62 BC
Bonus Eventus ("Good Outcome") was a divine personification and one of the twelve deities who presided over agriculture paired with Lympha, the goddess of water supply. During the Imperial era Bonus Eventus also represented a more general concept of success appearing on many Roman coins. The Puteal Scribonianum or Puteal Libonis (Puteal of Libo) was a structure in the Forum Romanum in Ancient Rome. A puteal was a classical wellhead to keep people from falling in.The Scribonian Puteal was dedicated or restored by a member of the Libo family. Obverse diademed Bonus Eventus BON EVENT LIBO. Reverse a well-head ornamented with two lyres, hammer and festoons PVTEAL SCRIBON
Mint: Rome
Provenance: Private acquisition

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