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Attica, Athens c 500/490-485/480 BC
Silver tetradrachm contemporary to the events of the first Greco Persian War, Asyut Group IVg
Athens is one of the oldest named cities in the world, having been continuously inhabited for at least 5000 years starting in Neolithic times. The city was named Athens after its patron goddess Athena during the times of the mythical Athenian ruler Kecrops. By the 7th century BC Draco drafted a strict new laws (hence the word 'draconian'). When the code failed Solon was appointed to create a new constitution (in 594 BC).In 499 BC, Athens sent troops to aid in the Greek Ionian Revolt against the Persian Empire (the Ionian Revolt). This provoked two Persian invasions of Greece. The first invasion was in 490 BC Miltiades who defeated Darius I at the Battle of Marathon. Obverse helmeted Athena, hair in dots with round earring. Reverse standing owl standing right, three olive leaves ΑΘΕ.
Mint: Athens
Provenance: Private acquisition ex Harlan J Berk, LTD inventory, ex CNG E370 March 9, 2016, Lot: 94

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