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Alexander III 'the Great' c 315-294 BC
Tetradrachm, Kingdom of Macedon
Amphipolis (Ἀμφίπολις) is an ancient Greek City at modern Serres Greece whose large remains can still be seen today. An Athenian colony, Amphipolis was the seat of the battle between the Spartans and Athenians in 422 BC at which both the commanders for Athens Cleon and for Sparta Brasidas lost their lives. The city itself kept its independence until the reign of king Philip II. Alexander the Great prepared for campaigns leading to his invasion of Asia in Amphipolis and after Alexander's death, his wife Roxana and their small son Alexander IV were exiled to Amphipolis and later murdered there. Ex Thessaly Hoard, from the William Stancomb Collection. Obverse Herakles wearing a lion skin headdress. Reverse seated Zeus Aëtophoros holding sceptre, Λ above torch in left field, star above cone below throne, ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ.
Mint: Amphipolis
Provenance: Private acquisition, ex Roma E-Sale 53, 07-02-2019, Lot 194, Ex Thessaly Hoard, from the William Stancomb Collection

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