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Attica. Athens. Silver tetradrachm c 470 BC.
Tetradrachms of this type were used to prepare for the campaigns against the Persian forces in Asia Minor, Cyprus and Egypt.
Kimon (510-450 BC) was the son of Miltiades, the general who defeated Darius at Marathon. His mother Hegesipyle was related to the historian Thucydides. He was elevated to the rank of Admiral after his successes at the Battle of Salamis (Attica). In 451 he convinced Pericles to give him 200 triremes to aid the Egyptians who were fighting the Persians and to support the Cypriots revolt against Persia. Kimon died at the battle of Citium (Larnaka). The Athenians then entrusted the campaign to Anaxicrates who eventually emerged victorious at the Battle of Salamis (Cyprus). Obverse Athena wears a crested Attic helmet wearing round earring. Reverse is an owl, an olive sprig and crescent moon ΑΘΕ.
Mint: Athens
Provenance: Courtesy Gemini LLC.

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