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Sicily, Agathokles; c. 317–289 BC
Silver tetradrachm
Agathokles was a tyrant ruler of Syracuse from 317-289 BC and King of Syracuse from 304-289BC. In 317 BC he invaded his hometown Syracuse with an army of mercenaries under a solemn oath to observe the democratic constitution which was then set up. Having banished or murdered some 10,000 citizens, and thus made himself master of Syracuse, he created a strong army and fleet and subdued the greater part of Sicily. He ruled Syracuse through several wars with Carthage before his death in 289 BC. Obverse is Arethusa wreathed with grain leaves, wearing a triple pendant earring and pearl necklace. Three dolphins are situated around her head. The inscription ΦΙ appears under the neck truncation. Reverse a racing quadriga with triskeles above. The monogram AI appears below ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩN.
Mint: Syracuse
Provenance: Private acquisition*

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