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Juba II and Ptolemy, c 20–24 AD
Kings of Mauretania silver denarius
A close friend of Augustus Juba II succeeded in maintaining order North Africa for almost fifty years. He married Cleopatra's daughter by Antony, Cleopatra Selene and they had a son Ptolemy of Mauretania. Ptolemy was sent to Rome for his education and became Romanized. After Selene died in 6. In 21, Ptolemy returned to Mauretania from Rome and his aging father made him co-ruler becoming sole ruler of Mauretania after his father’s death in 23. Unable to control the Berber Revolt Ptolemy required the aid of the Roman Governor of Africa, Publius Cornelius Dolabella and his army to suppress the uprising. When invited to Rome by Caligula in 40AD Ptolemy was seen at a gladiatorial exhibition wearing a purple cloak that many found attractive. Envious of this attention Caligula executed Ptolemy thus ending the dynasty stated by Ptolemy I Soter. Obverse diademed Juba II REX IVBA. Reverse diademed and draped Ptolemy PTOLEMAIVS REGIS IVBAE F.
Mint: Caesarea (Cherchell Algeria)
Provenance: Courtesy Gemini Numismatic Auctions LLC.

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