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Juba II c. 16-17 AD
Juba II was the only child and heir to King Juba of Numidia. In 46 BC his father committed suicide as he was defeated by Julius Caesar in North Africa making Numidia a Roman Province. Juba II was brought to Rome by Julius Caesar and took part in Caesar’s triumphal procession. In Rome Juba II was romanized, educated and granted Roman citizenship. When Julius Caesar’s great-nephew Octavian became Emperor Caesar Augustus Juba II and Augustus became lifelong friends. Augustus restored Juba II as the King of Numidia (North African coast East of modern day Tunis) between 29 BC-27 BC and arranged for him to marry Cleopatra Selene II (daughter of Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Mark Antony). Subsequently Augustus made Juba II King of Mauretania (North African coast west of modern day Tangiers) which was vital to Rome for its trade all over the Mediterranean and particularly Spain and Italy. Mauritanian coins were distinguished for their value and quality.Obverse Juba REX IVBA. Reverse crescent and a star ΒΑCΙΛΙCCΑ ΚΛΕΟΠΑΤΡΑ
Mint: Mauretania
Provenance: Private acquisition

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