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Aurelian 270-275 AD, c April-November 274
In 274 Aurelian turned his attention to the west, and the "Gallic Empire" and won this campaign largely through diplomacy. Aurelian returned to Rome and was proclaimed “Restitutor Orbis” ("Restorer of the World") by the Senate. In an effort to give the Empire a single god they could believe in without betraying their own gods Aurelian strengthened the position of the, Sol Invictus (Sun god or Oriens) as the main divinity of the Roman pantheon. Radiate and cuirassed Aurelian IMP AVRELIANVS AVG/ standing Mars standing right, holding spear and shield and receiving a globe from standing Sol who is also holding a whip and treading down on a seated captive, SOL INVICTO XXIS.
Mint: Serdica, modern Sofia Bulgaria
Provenance: Private aquisition *

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