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Victorinus, 268-270 AD c 269-270
Marcus Piavonius Victorinus was emperor of the Gallic Empire from 268 to 270 succeding the brief reign of Marius. Victorinus, born to a family of great wealth served militarily under Postumus and as a tribune of the praetorians in 266/267. He ruled with an iron fist and was listed among the Thirty Tyrants in the Historia Augusta. Victorinus was murdered in 270 or early 271 by Attitianus, one of his officers allegedly because Victorinus had an improper liaison with his wife. Obverse radiate and draped Victorinus IMP C PIAV VICTORINVS PF AVG Reverse PA-X - AVG/V-* standing Pax (Peace) wearing a long dressholding scepter in her left hand and a laurel branch in her raised right hand.
Mint: Cologne
Provenance: Private acquisition

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