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Germanicus (May 24, 15 BC – October 10, 19 AD)
Germanicus, the father of Gaius (Caligula) AE 23
Germanicus was born in Rome in 15 BC. His parents were the general Nero Claudius Drusus (son of Empress Livia Drusilla, third wife of Emperor Augustus) and Antonia Minor (the younger daughter of Mark Antony by Octavia Minor, sister of Augustus). Livilla was his sister and the future Emperor Claudius was his younger brother. Germanicus married a granddaughter of Augustus and his maternal second cousin Agrippina the Elder between 5 and 1 BC. Most notable of the couple’s nine children were the Emperor Caligul and his three sisters the Empress Agrippina the Younger, Julia Drusilla, and Julia Livilla. Also through Agrippina the Younger, Germanicus was maternal grandfather of the Emperor Nero. Obverse Germanicus GERMANI - CVS CAESAR COR. Reverse names of duovirs (two joint magistrates C. Heius Pollio and C. Mussius Priscus) within a parsley wreath.
Mint: Corinth
Provenance: Private acquisition*

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