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Vespasian. 69-79 AD Summer-end 71 AD
Tenth of the 12 Caesars,sestertius
The siege and destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in 70 was the culmination of the Roman campaign in Judeae following the Jewish uprising of 66. The Second Temple was completely demolished. Titus reportedly refused to accept a wreath of victory, as there is "no merit in vanquishing people forsaken by their own God". Upon his return to Rome in 71, Titus, accompanied by his father Vespasian and brother Domitian was awarded a triumph.Obverse laureate Vespasian IMP CAES VESPAS AVG P M TR P P P COS III .Reverse helmeted Mars holding spear in right hand and trophy over shoulder nude except for cloak flying from waist, S C.
Mint: Rome
Provenance: Courtesy Gemini Numismatic Auctions LLC

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