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Titus. 79-81 AD
Eleventh of the twelve Caesars and the first Roman Emperor to come to the throne after his own father. Sestertius c 80-81 AD
The spectator packed Colosseum is viewable with a complete facade. The facade demonstrates several arched porticoes housing sculptural decorations. Most noteworthy is the tiny triumphal quadriga in the central arch. In the arch above the quadiriga is a palm tree and a Jewess. The proximity of the monuments is a reminder of the strong relationship to the Jewish war and the Colosseum. It is without question as its construction was possible from plunder after that conflict. Although Titus died in 81, due to Titus’ popularity Vespasian continues to issue this obverse in the name of Titus Divus. Obverse aerial view of the Colosseum between obelisk on base (Meta Sudans, a large monumental conical fountain that has now been removed - see description) and a porticoed two story building (Baths of Titus). Reverse seated Titus surrounded by captured weapons is holding an olive branch (bringing peace after capturing enemy arms) and roll on curule chair set on globe among arms portrayed as “Master of the World”. IMP T CAES VESP AVG P M TR P P P COS VIII S - C.
Mint: Rome
Provenance: Courtesy Gemini Numismatic Auctions, LLC

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