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Titus as Caesar. 70-79 AD.
Eleventh of the twelve Caesars and the first Roman Emperor to come to the throne after his own father.Denarius c 72 AD
After the legate of Syria Cestius Gallus was defeated at the battle of Beth-Horon and forced to retreat from Jerusalem the pro-Roman king Agrippa II gave up to the Romans. Nero appointed Vespasian who was later joined by Titus. With a strength of 60,000 professional soldiers, the Romans prepared to sweep across Galilee and march on Jerusalem. By 68, the entire coast and the north of Judaea were subjugated by the Roman army and Titus distinguished himself as a skilled general.Unable to sail to Italy during the winter of 70 Titus celebrated elaborate games at Caesarea Maritima and Berytus then travelled to Zeugma where he was presented with a crown by Vologases I of Parthia. He visited Antioch he confirmed the traditional rights of the Jews in that city. Obverse laureate draped, cuirassed Titus [T C]AES IMP VESP PO - N TR POT. Reverse standing Titus with his left foot on a helmet, holding a spear and parazonium, and seated mourning Jewess on either side of palm tree.
Mint: Antioch
Provenance: Courtesy Gemini Numismatics, LLC.

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