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Imperial cult of ancient Rome Divus Vespasian died 79 AD c 80-81 AD.
Sestertius.Struck by Titus after his father’s death
The Roman State’s authority to sancion the divination of emperors and some members of their families was known as the Imperial cult of ancient Rome. The origins of this cult came from the early Principate of Augustus and spread throuout the Empie and provinces. When an Emperor died the Senate would consider their worthiness the become “divus” or divine. If there was a favorable vote then an “apotheosis” procession was held. Granting an apotheosis became a religious, political and moral standard setting judgment tool used by the sucessors of a divine emperor. Following the death of Nero Vespasian’s sucessors uses Vespasian’s divination to establish the Flavian Imperial Dynasty. Obverse togate and radiate statue of Divus Vespasian seated on a chair without a backrest holding a branch and scepter, his feet resting on a footstool DIVVS AVGVSTVS – VESP. Reverse: IMP T CAES DIVI VESP F AVG P M TR P P P COS VIII S C.
Mint: Rome,
Provenance: From the AD collection, Ex Gemini IX lot 301 Ex Harry N. Sneh Collection. Ex Kunker 124, 16 March 2007, lot 8962.

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