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Geta as Caesar, 198-209 AD
Caria AE36 Medallion
Mylasas’ origins date to the beginning of the 7th century BC, when the Carian leader Arselis helped Gyges of Lydia in his contest for the Lydian throne. At the same time the cult of Labrandean Zeus originated in the neighboring city of Labranda. Under Achaemenid Mylasa was the capital city of Caria. Between 460-450 BC, Mylasa became prominent member of the Delian League, but fell under the Persian sphere of influence later that century. The Carian Hecatomnus who founded the Hecatomnid dynasty was officially satraps of the Persian Empire. It was during Mausolus's reign that the capital of Caria was moved to Halicarnassus. In 40 BC Mylasa was taken by Labienus in the Roman Civil War. When Septimius Severus was alive Geta enjoyed his father’s protection from his brother Caracalla and was proclaimed Caesar.Obverse bare headed and draped Geta ΠO CEΠTI-MIOC ΓETAC KAIC. Reverse Zeus Labraundus in temple holding labys in the right hand and spear in the left MVΛA CEΩN.
Mint: Mylasa
Provenance: Private acquisition

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