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Hannibalic Wars c 211-209 BC
60 Asses, Roman Republic
When Hannibal invaded Italy the Romans had never before issued gold coins. During this crisis Rome issued gold coins twice. The first issues of gold staters and half-staters (showing the jugate head of the Dioscuri) were struck after Rome had suffered crushing defeats to Hannibal’s army c. 218-216 B.C. The second coinage was issued c. 211-208 B.C. when the Carthaginian army was still in Italy, but the tide of war was favoring Rome after in 211, after Hannibal lost his main supply in Southern Italy when the Romans had forced Capua into submission. The second issue is encompassed of coins denominated 20, 40 and 60 asses. Rome demanded special levies and loot from Syracuse that had fallen to the Romans in 212. The next time Roman gold coins to be struck would be the aurei of the Imperator Sulla in the late 80s B.C. The martial depictions of the coinage is distinct. Obverse Bearded Mars wearing a crested Corinthian helmet; LX (mark of value) Reverse an eagle standing on thunderbolt right with wings spread, ROMA
Mint: Rome
Provenance: Courtesy Harlan J Berk, LTD

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