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Julius Caesar. c 48 BC
Gold aureus struck after Caesar was 52
The gold aureus of this type was the first to be issued in about 25 years. The previous aureus was in commemoration of Pompey’s triumph of 71 BC. Ironically this coin memorializes Pompey’s greatest defeat by Caesar at Pharsalos August 8, 48 BC. The LII=52 on obverse apparently indicates Caesar's age, so means that this type was struck after Caesar's fifty-second birthday on 13 July 48 BC. Obverse Venus wearing oak wreath and diadem, LII behind. Reverse trophy of Gallic arms, axe in right field CAE – SAR.
Mint: Mint moving with Caesar, possibly Pharsalos
Provenance: Courtesy Gemini Numismatic Auctions LLC

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