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Volusian, son of Trebonianus Gallus 251-253 AD
AE 23-24.5
Volusian (Imperator Caesar Gaius Vibius Volusianus Augustus) was born in about 230 AD. He was a Roman Emperor from 251 to 253 and son of Trebonianus Gallus. After being elected in the field by the legion he became Roman Emperor following the deaths of the previous co-emperors Decius and Herennius Etruscus. While marching towards Rome Volusian was killed alongside his father in August 253 by their own armed forces who were fearing a military confrontation with the usurper Aemilian. Obverse laureate draped and cuirassed Volusian [AV]T KAI Γ OVIB TPEB OVOΛ[OVCIAN]. Reverse an eagle spreading wings to support twin peaked Mount Gerizim. A colonnade below and a stairway leading to a temple on the left peak; star and crescent in upper field ΦΛ NEAC - ΠOΛ[EWC].
Mint: Samaria, Neapolis
Provenance: Private acquisition ex Gemni XIV Wednesday April 18, 2018 Lot 322

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