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Julius Caesar 47-46 BC
First of the 12 Caesars, denarius traveling military mint.
With Caesar still fighting the Pompeians in North Africa a traveling military mint struck a large quantity of these denarii during the years . On April 6, 46 BC at the battle of Thapsus in North Africa, Caesar trounced the Pompeians. After this outcome result Cato the Younger committed suicide in near-by Utica (below). Aeneas is one of the few Trojans who were not killed in battle or enslaved when Troy fell. The elderly Anchises was carried from the burning city by his son Aeneas. This association was appropriate for Caesar’s campaign in North Africa due to the relationship between Aeneas and the Tyrian princess Dido who founded the Phoenician colony of Carthage. Obverse diademed head of Venus. Reverse Aeneas carrying a palladium in hand and Anchises on his shoulder CAESAR
Mint: North Africa, Military Mint
Provenance: Private acquisition

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