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Caracalla 198-217 AD, c 206 AD
Tridrachm with a radiate portrait of Caracalla. The radiate style is an originality for Caesarea’s coins that was not repeated there until the last year of Caracalla’s sole reign in 217 (IΔ = year 14 or 206)
After the death of Cappadocia’s last king Archelaus in 17 AD the region became a province of the Roman empire in Anatolia under Tiberius. Its capital was Caesarea while to the south was Mount Argaeus, once and active volcano. On the summit of Mount Argaus was a holy shrine. Obverse radiate Caracalla AY KAI M AYPHΛI ANTΩNINOC AYΓ. Reverse is a naked male statue holding a globe and scepter on the summit of Mount Argaeus MHTPOΠO KAICAPIAC around while ETOYC IΔ. Both Caesarea and Mount Argaeus are visible on the map.
Mint: Caesarea, Cappadocia.
Provenance: Private acquisition

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