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Carinus, as Caesar. 282-283 AD c 282 AD
Gold Aureus, likely struck for the successful campaigns in Germania and Britannia.
When Carus was emperor he elevated his sons, Carinus and Numerian to the rank of Caesar. Carinus was in command of the western empire and led successful campaigns against the Quadri Germanic tribes. When he returned to Rome Carinus ignored his responsibilities turning to a decadent life. A constant womanizer Carinus obtained the reputation of being an incompetent emperor. After Numerian’s death Carinus confronted Diocletian who was head of the body guards. At the Battle of the Margus River Carinus was assassinated after his army deserted him. Diocletian made a deal with Carinus’ Praetorian Guard commander who was allowed to retain his position while Diocletian took over the empire. Obverse laureate and cuirassed Carinus M AVR CARINV-S NOB CAES. Reverse Victory standing on a globe, holding wreath with a trophy over her left shoulder VICTO-RIA AVG.
Mint: Siscia (Sisak Croatia)
Provenance: Courtesy Gemini LLC.

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