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Caracalla 198-217 AD, c 217
Didrachm year 20 (ET K = 20 or 217)
Mount Argaeus is located 25 km south of Caesarea (modern Kayseri). Geologically it is a massive stratovolcano and was considered sacred in ancient times. Votive recreations of the mountain (as in this reverse) were utilized in temples or homes as religious symbols. Obverse head of Caracalla AY K M AYPHΛI ANT - ΩNEINOC CEBA Reverse, Votive statue of Mt. Argaeus surmounted by star resting atop a plain altar (the altar without the usual garland). MHTPO - KAICA around (abbreviated more than usual) ET K.
Mint: Caesarea, Cappadocia.
Provenance: Private acquisition

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