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Vitellius denarius c April 20 - December 69 AD
Ninth of the 12 Caesars and third emperor of the Year of the Four Emperors
Aulus Vitellius (September 12, 15 AD –December 22, 69) reigned as Roman Emperor from April 16, 69 to December 22, 69. When the Rhine legion commanders Caecina and Fabius Valens refused to renew their vows of allegiance to Emperor Galba and armies of Inferior and Superior Germania they proclaimed Vitellius emperor in 69. By the time Vitellius marched on Rome Otho had eliminated Galba while Vitellius neutralized Otho at First Battle of Bedriacum. Upon entering Rome Vitellius he disbanded the existing Praetorian Guard that had installed Otho replacing them with his own men. His imperial claim was soon challenged by the Eastern legions who proclaimed their commander Vespasian emperor in his place. War ensued, leading to a crushing defeat for Vitellius at the Second Battle of Bedriacum. Vitellius prepared to abdicate in favour of Vespasian, but was executed in Rome by Flavian forces. Obverse Vitellius A VITELLIVS GERMANICVS IMP. Reverse Victory seated holding a patera and palm.
Mint: Rome
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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