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Caligula; 37-41 AD
Fourth of the 12 Caesars, denarius c 37-8 AD. Inscription “DIVVS” suggests ancestral divine origin from Augustus.
Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (31 August AD 12 – 24 January AD 41) reigned the empire from March 16, 37 until his assassination on January 24, 41 and was commonly known as Caligula. Caligula's father was the successful general Germanicus, the nephew and adopted son of emperor Tiberius, He acquired the nickname “Caligula “from the diminutive form of “caliga” (soldier’s boots) he used when he accompanied his father in the Germania. When Germanicus died in Antioch his mother Agrippina the Elder returned to Rome with her six children. When she became entangled in an increasingly bitter feud with Tiberius which led to the destruction of her family, with Caligula as the sole male survivor. At the death of Tiberius, on 16 March AD 37, Caligula succeeded his great-uncle and adoptive grandfather. The first two years of his reign he ruled well but after a fever illness he developed insanity and ruled as a tyrant. Conspiring Praetorian Guardsman and some Roman Senators assassinated Caligula. Obverse bare head of Caligula C CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR [POT]. Reverse radiate head of Augustus DIVVS AVG PATER PATRIAE.
Mint: Lugdunum (modern Lyon France)
Provenance: Private acquisition

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