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Elagabalus 218-222 AD
Antoninianus c 218 AD
Elagabalus was born in 203 and died March 11, 222 was also known as Heliogabalus or Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. After the assassination of Caracalla by the Praetorian prefect Marcus Opellius Macrinus (who became emperor for fourteen months) and through the interventions of the army and Caracalla's maternal aunt Julia Maesa (who was her eldest grandson) Elagabalus was declared as emperor at the age of fourteen. Elagabalus showed disregard for Roman religious traditions replacing the traditional head of the Roman pantheon, Zeus with Sol Invictus ("Unconquered Sun") mandating Rome's government officials to participate in religious rites celebrating this deity. This and his promiscuity, displeased not only the Praetorians and Senators but the people as well. In a plot orchestrated again Julia Maesa (but this time along with the Praetorians) Elagabalus was assassinated on March 11, 222 and replaced by his cousin Alexander Severus. Elagabalus was only 18 years old at the time. Obverse IMP CAES M AVR ANTONINVS AVG draped radiate Elagabalus. Reverse seated Roma holding Victory and spear with a shield by her throne P M TR P COS P P.
Mint: Rome
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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