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Maximinus I Thrax (the Thracian); 235-238 AD c 235-6 AD
Denarius and first emperor during Year of the Six Emperors (238 AD)
Gaius Iulius Verus Maximinus (173–238) ruled the empire from 235 to 238 and was the first emperor never to set foot in Rome. Maximinus elevated himself via a military career joining the army during the reign of Septimius Severus. He was promoted to the foremost positions of political power under Alexander Severus. When Alexander and his mother were assassinated the Praetorian Guard acclaimed Maximinus emperor. Maximinus disliked the nobility and was ruthless towards those he suspected of plotting against him. The Crisis of the Third Century starts with Maximinus I as external invasion, civil war, and economic downturn between 235 and 284 lead to the near collapse of the Roman Empire. In 238 the African province under Gordian I and II while in Rome Pupienus and Balbinus show support to the Gordians. Maximinus marched on Rome. In Aquileia his troops, suffering from famine and disease facilitated the Praetorian guards in his camp to assassinate him April 238. Obverse laureate Maximinus IMP MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG. Reverse standing Providentia holding a wand over a globe and cornucopia, PROVIDENTIAE AVG.
Mint: Rome
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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