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Justinian I. 527-565 c 550, mint spelling error?
Bronze Follis of 40 Nummi Dated XXIIII = 24 (550/1). 4th officina. The year Gemanus died. Note the “N” is shown in the mirror image suggesting a mint error!
Germanus was the nephew of Emperor Justin I (518–527), cousin of Emperor Justinian I (527–565) He was one of the leading commanders of Emperor Justinian In 549, Justinian decided to send a major expeditionary force to Italy appointing Germanus as commander-in-chief in 550. With the endorsement of Justinian I Germanus married Matasuentha, the former queen of the Goths and granddaughter of Theodoric the Great. Germanus had aspirations of succeeding the throne of both the East Roman and the Gothic realms particularly since the implacable Empress Theodora would not stand in his way after her death in 548. In an unfavorable turn of only two days before the army was to set out, he fell ill and died 550. Obverse helmeted and cuirassed Justinian, holding a globus cruciger and shield D И IVSTIИI AИV[S P P AV]C. Reverse Large M, cross above, A/N/N/O, X/X/II/II (date) and a Δ below.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition

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