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Justinian I, 527-565 the year Theodora died (548/9)
Bronze Follis of 40 Nummi 2nd officina dated year XXII = 22
Perhaps the most influential and powerful woman in the Byzantine Empire's history Theodora was daughter of a bear keeper and during her youth an entertainer. She was the concubine of Hecebolus the governor of Pentapolis. After being “dismissed”she came to Alexandria met Patriarch Timothy III and was converted to Monophysite Christianity. Theodora is considered a great female figure of the Byzantine Empire, and a pioneer of feminism, because of the laws she passed, increasing the rights of women. Her influence on Justinian was so strong that after her death, he worked to bring harmony between the Monophysites and the Orthodox Christians in the Empire. Theodora died of an unspecified cancer on 28 June 548 before the age of 50, 17 years before Justinian. Her body was buried in the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople. Obverse D N IVSTINI ANVS P P AVC, helmeted and cuirassed Justinian, holding a globus cruciger and shield and a cross to right. Reverse Large M (mark of value), A/N/N/O, cross above, X/X/II (date) B below, CON.
Mint: Constantinople
Provenance: Private acquisition *

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